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Let's defeat Apple at their game, let's create a even better operating system than Mac OS X, more organizable, stronger focus on professionals. Combined with a great device with easy accessible and even more important: replaceable hardware. The market is in great need for an alternative and for better workstations.  

Powerful workstation

We want to deliver a system which has the power to run the most advanced software applications for our customers.
A device with easy hardware accessibility 
In need of a change or quick set-up adjustments we want to create a case which is easily customizable.
Design driven case and accessories
To create a very exciting brand experience, we are striving to make the most beautiful devices for our customers.
Custom organizable explorer

To create a optimal / natural workflow in which our clients can organize projects and files .
Natural workflow / Design driven
To make working fun and exciting for our customers and to create motivation to make / do beautifull things
Hardware statistics

To review and analyze the hardware output and adjust if needed. Easy to use which a lot of custom options.

Time for change. 

The way we think about computers has changed a lot. Technical advanced computer programs have changed with beautiful visual dynamic interfaces. Great progress for users and it makes the computer more comprehensive to use. We want to change the game for the fast growing number of creative professionals.

By not only making a well structured OS but also create a device with advanced technical structure, user friendly abilities, and above all that a design which focusses on the user and is designed with care and the use of the elements of nature itself. We focus on the professionals who use the computer as a daily workstation. 

Wecube_  brand.

We believe in a complete brand experience. Our brand supplies a complete experience for our customers, we supply a uniquely blended combination of hardware and software. 

State of the art designed pro workstation.
Several accessories styled in wecube™  brand style. 
Innovative and easy solutions for every external device.
Screen to monitor hardware and software to ensure easy use. 
A powerful all-in one solution.

Why do we believe in this concept?
There is a gap in the computer market, the visual experience is neglected, and we think creative professionals who use their computers working with technical advanced programs are in need this alternative. 

A beautiful custom OS. 

To serve our customers, we had the idea to design a whole new interface. The reason why we aim at this, is to create an optimal work environment for our customers.
A professional targeted user interface, custom and adjustable statistics and an adjusted version of the current Windows 10 Explorer, are the major parts in our vision of the custom operating system. The focus inside the OS lies on developers, creatives and other professionals, but can also be used by a wider range of enthusiastic computer users.

Why do we want to build on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has a great structure, the design is focussed on a broad customer range. That's not always optimal for certain users such as our targeted market. If we combine the strengths of both Wecube and Windows, we can effectively change the OS with a relative easy overhaul to serve the targeted customers.  
Our intended custom operating system overlaps from the hardware case into the user interface and the Explorer. The hardware case shows quick info, about different elements of the computer.
For example: HDD connections, CPU temperature, program statistics.
And also an easy bios menu in which you can select overdrives and adjust different hardware settings.

On the OS the statistics are also visible, other than that we want to redesign the windows explorer and make it more efficient and organizable for our customers, by adding color tabbings, notes and make it more minimalistic to make sure that our users have a great and easy overview. 

A long road.

We realise we have a long road ahead of us with many obstacles. 

Developing such a device combined with the great software we have in mind is not easy. We hope to find like-minded people who believe in our vision. 

Are you interested in our concept, have any feedback or do want to work together? 
Contact us.
Help us to connect the dots.

Let's do something great together.

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